This is the HUPO-PSI’s Quality Control working group homepage. One of the major results/products from the group is

Reporting and exchange format for mass spectrometry quality control data from HUPO-PSI

For whom is mzQC?

The format is designed to work as handover format as well as a report format and archive format as well. As such, we expect it to greatly benefit researchers to better understand their data and improve experimental protocols, instrument operators keeping track of their mass spectrometer statuses, and analysts wanting a better insight to the data they analyse.

  • If you are unfamiliar with JSON or PSI file formats, or generally because the title speaks to you, we recommend to start with mzQC for analytical chemists

  • If you are familiar with JSON or have an understanding of PSI file formats, are however pressed for time, mzQC at a glance will give you a brief overview of the essentials.

  • Find out more about the format in general here!

Specification Document

For the technical details on the mzQC format see either the latest release static version, or the current google doc version.

About us

You can read more about the group here and here!